Cultural Exchange

Host of 2016 “Chinese Dulcimer” Concerts in Austria, Hungary and Romania

During 29 April to 8 May 2016, we had organized European Concerts Tour of “Chinese Dulcimer (Yangqin)” Award-Wining Faculty and Student to give performance in Austria, Hungary and Romania, which turns out to be a great success.

We are going to hold an annual concerts in Europe by cooperating with music academic institutes and performance groups in both China and Europe, to facilitate the exchange in culture and art between the two regions.

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Videos of the Budapest concert:

Deep Night YouTube Youku

Petrel YouTube Youku

The Dadu River YouTube Youku

Plum Blossom YouTube Youku

Vltava YouTube Youku

The Jasmine Flower YouTube Youku

Good News YouTube Youku

New Look of the Island YouTube Youku

General’s Mandate YouTube Youku

Lament of the Lady for Hun Peace YouTube Youku

Lift Your Veil YouTube Youku

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. YouTube Youku